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Revolutionizing Perfumery

Immortel, founded in 1958 by perfumer, Bui N. Chau, was one of the most innovative perfumeries in Vietnam. Mr. Chau’s knowledge and passion through his global travels brought the latest technology in perfumery to Vietnam and the world. He pioneered screen printing on glass bottles and shortly after launched the pressurized sprayer, which revolutionized perfume diffusion.

Pursuing the Legacy

city skyline during night time
city skyline during night time

Mr. Chau’s son, Richard, grew up immersed in the world of perfumery. He is a specialist in raw materials used in perfumes and is a credentialed evaluator, an industry's specialization that bestows the highest credential for critiquing perfume. With our deep knowledge in perfumery, IMMORTEL has launched PurAroma, a leading aromatic essential oil and diffuser. Bringing Japanese nano technology into our production, all our fragrances are developed with the highest standard in France. PurAroma is supplied to the most prestigious hotels, resorts, and health clubs.